My world might fall, but I will laugh. If I wasn’t placed here to feel every emotion imaginable, I am living a joke anyway. When I wake to a fog, I am reminded that zombies live out there amidst those living. But they don’t stumble and crawl trying to eat up their being. No, they gossip and squander away their own lives in their holes filled with fear. They grow deeper and deeper and don’t even know they are drowning in their own disappointments. They can’t see them through mine.

Have you seen mine? I am loaded with bad mistakes and wrong roads. But the stories! The hurt, the sadness, the loneliness, the anger, the joy, the happiness, the laughter, it breaks down every ounce of disappointments looming over me. When I can’t breath because things are crashing, I can pray. I can beg for mercy. Mercy always comes.

But if I never walk out that door and breath in the rain for fear of getting wet, I will never know what a drop feels like inside my lungs. I will never know what it feels like to love someone with every ounce of my being. I will never know what it feels like to have my heart crushed to pieces. I will never know I am strong enough. I will never know I am weak.

The brave ones walk with me. The ones unafraid. No. We are afraid. We could lose it all at any moment, but then again, so could they. They think they can pull the moon to the tip of the sky and draw the tide away so that they can swim safely to shore, but the moon doesn’t set for them. The moon sets when it will.

Forgiveness doesn’t come for the weak. Only those willing to lay down all of their transgressions. To strip themselves of everything they thought they were, to become the creature they were meant to be. What becomes for me? I don’t know but I know its not what’s for you. For if that was the case, the world would be a lonely place. I cannot keep my own company for any length of time before I crave a different soul to entertain.

Be a different soul. Entertain me and I will entertain you. Build this dream together, with me and all. Let’s choose to see the soul hiding behind the eyes filled with tears from the pain of a life lived with the most intense realizations, that we can all huddle together and fill the void with laughter.


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