you are the one that makes me brave. those lips. that smile. the sweetness that falls from wordless whispers as your breath caresses my skin.

you don’t need to speak. i’m scared of what you might say. you could tell a tale that was centuries old. i wouldn’t believe a word. it’s easier that way. to think you are one drop in an ocean of salt water. yet, i know you are different.

don’t be so different. not yet. but maybe a little. just enough to make me brave but not too much to make me care.

i can still remember the taste. you kissed me. and i let you and i remember the way you taste. soft and sweet. like nothing that has ever presumed to exist in my world. you did something to me that made me wait. i don’t wait. not ever.

you scare me. is this just another game? is it even possible that one human could put their words out in the air and have them be anything but drips saturated with lies? i’m waiting for the rain. for it to get so heavy, it falls.

yet i crave for you to share yourself. i want to hear about the mundane. i want to know what keeps you going. what gets you out of bed.

i want to know every inch of your body. i want you to press into me. i want you to work so hard you sweat. did you know you smell like summer?

beaches with sunshine and warmth. stop being so wonderful. i know it can never last. summer always ends. the sun moves on and leaves us all wondering if we could have done, should have done anything different to make it more worth our while. but it’s always the same.

memories of hot nights. of alcohol that clouds your head. of cool water on naked flesh. of sweet fires that smoke in your hair and linger in the morning. i want you to linger. i love the smell of you on me. you smell like a summer that never wants to end.

you scare me. but i can’t let you go. you’re the only thing that makes me brave.


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