I met someone the other day. She was sweet and soft. She was full of life and wouldn’t take anything less than what she wanted. And she knew exactly what she wanted and who she wanted to be. When she walked into a room, the air even praised her existence. She didn’t need to try. She didn’t need to feel anything other than the excruciating happiness that filled her soul. She was so full of love, she gave it away freely, never asking for anything in return.

She was only there a moment. I wanted so badly to speak to her and learn the secrets of her ways. But she was gone. I scanned the room to see where she might have went. Then I noticed I was alone. A sinking feeling overcame me and I couldn’t help but cry. Hot tears rolled down my cheeks and a child sobbed.

The child could not be consoled. She whimpered through convulsions that appeared to be riddled with uncontrollable pain. She begged for release from whatever was gripping her and squeezing so tight, she couldn’t understand who could hate her so much. She couldn’t imagine pulling one more breath into those burning lungs. And so she finally gave up. She placed her head upon the cold, smooth tile floor and she decided to die.

Except she couldn’t die. God wouldn’t take her no matter how much she pleaded. All she ever wanted was to let the pain go. Take it. Please take it.

And that was when I noticed her again. She looked different this time. Her hair was less perfect but she smiled just the same. She looked stronger somehow. She still had the same courage, the same love as before. I wanted to ask her how she could do it. How she could love without fear and give without return. But she only repeated the words that I said. Life cannot love without giving. It cannot feel joy without pain. Hold the pain tight and the joy even tighter, but neither can love you as much as she. She’s full of God’s grace and no matter what she chooses, her job here on earth is to love without end. Let her love you.



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