I don’t know how much longer I can get lost in you. Each second that passes without you, I begin to feel free. But just when I think I can fly my own way, you look at me again. I fall back. My thoughts begin to take roots into the caves that hide all my emotions. I hate those emotions. They are the stupid ones that make me do things I don’t want to do.

I want to say no. Stay away from me. You’ve already served your purpose and you’re too broken to withstand any ounce of affection that might be more than a single minded passion. I don’t know how strong I can be. You’re a blade like any other, but you know how to play so well, you don’t even know its a game.

I’ll take a moment. I’ll hide away. Maybe then you’ll let me go. It was my own decision to dive right in, but now I’m afraid I’m an addict looking for another fix. And you carry my drug of choice.



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