See, I was right. We were broken beyond repair. Today we talked. You spoke the mundane and I did the same. We discussed the schedule as we have for years. Each day, standing in the kitchen, or texting on the phone to make sure all things are in order and each place is where it should be.

Then I remembered I had a few things still to get. Can I get the coffee cups? And do you use the ironing board? You said I could take all there was, you had no need for any of them. I replied with the fact that you should keep a few. Coffee cups are good for parties and there’s a coffee maker too. And then I mentioned that I knew she happens to like coffee too.

That’s when it showed up. The spark that disappeared so many years ago. I had it once. But now it belongs to her. She can have it, because we were broken beyond repair. And it’s just nice to see you alive once again. That’s why I did this. Hopefully, now you see.


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