Thus Spoke Zarathustra

“Companions, the creator seeks, not corpses….fellow creators the creator seeks – those who write new values on new tables. Companions,…the fellow harvesters…”

When I’m not lost in emotions, and even when I am, I seek for the higher purpose and cause. I don’t know how to live this life by simply waking in the morning to saunter through only to fall into a sleep at night.

Books bring my intelligence to closer to God. This one challenges me in new ways and I love it. When Nietzsche writes that Zarathustra comes down the mountain to share what he has learned, only to end up with a corpse and then have the above revelation, I can share in that.

I too search for companions. I was never taught how to say what I mean. And sadly, for whatever reason, I was always taught that I was better than others. (I hate to even admit that. My family is not anything special and maybe I’m a victim of the times that told their children they were the best).

I read somewhere recently, where someone was ashamed of the first thoughts they had towards people. One of the comments that followed was that your first thoughts are what you were conditioned to think, you next thought is your own character. I appreciated that so much because my first thoughts do contain mean things, which I immediately scold myself in my own mind. Those thoughts are so superficial usually having to do with how a person is dressed or their physical make-up. I want to see the beauty in everything and I do, I just wish they were my first thoughts.

In reading the passage here, my first thoughts were, Yes! people are so dumb and I want smart people to converse with. UGH. Of course, I immediately began arguing with myself. People are so wonderful. They come to the table with so many thoughts and opinions. Each person has a story, a wealth of stories that are both so different than me and yet so exactly the same.

I want to hear the stories, I want to experience life with you. All of you. I want to create, I want to harvest. I want it all while I walk this earth and try to figure out just what we are doing here.


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