What used to be swirling thoughts now feel like cat fights in a bar. How bad can one little taste be? I fight these demons but they sex me in my dreams. So bad, yet so good, left or right, just misunderstood.

A thought, a feeling, that changes each second of my whispered existence, always keeping me from any sweet judgement yet constantly judging me, my future. So what if it becomes a nightmare, can’t I just wake up?

It’s not like I’ve never given hope to a dream. They all become, made from a thought within my head. An obsession that eats me from the inside. If I don’t die trying, I’ll try dying. Making friends with enemies. Didn’t I say I hated you?

The glass reflecting my worst wish, but what if I was mistaken? I could have everything. No good, no bad. Just a dream worth living. With hopes and love. Magic mysteries that begin to explain a life worth living in a realm that claims to be free, shackles everything. Bound by promises, wrapped in pain filled catastrophe when all I want is a little peace. A little love.


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