Echoes serve a purpose when they playback what you thought you heard. It was never meant to be said that way. Do you hear the difference?

You thought the sound was coming from a senseless breeze, when in fact it was the whispers of an angel.

I felt like the devil was breathing down my neck, I jumped into the fire thinking I was getting away. But then the heat got too much. I drowned in it all, couldn’t breathe, couldn’t speak.

A dizzy mixture filled the pools of my sorrows at the decision I made. I knew I was doing the right thing but each march forward brought more gashes from the battle. Was it the devil who told you to do it? Because hell was following. Each step felt like glass under bare feet, but only forward movement would bring the healing.

Then a small voice struggled through the cracks. It was so quiet, no one could hear. I heard it. It filled me with a courage greater than any God standing by my side. It filled my soul. A sweet gift given when all along you thought you were wrapping the chains to put me back in my place. Like a flower given sunlight, the days got brighter and brighter and the thorns grew strong. A protection built from the poison you poured all over me.

I stand in the warmth of who I am. I have a greater love for all things, first including me, then including you. You bringer of pain that finally showed me what I’m made of. The story is rewritten. You are the knight that brought me my sword, but I am the queen.


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