Beginning with a fresh breath, I refuse to let the darkness creep in. It ruled me for too long. Even when it knocks, I let it enter, only to teach it how to be kind and let go. It can do what it wants, it will never own me.

Life fills my lungs with hopes and dreams as warm air enters. Each dance in my mind and promise to bring happiness. Even if I know the world doesn’t spin in perfect circles, I know its spins for me. Right here and right now. And if you think long and hard, you’ll realize it spins for you too.

Each moment suspended on the brink of joyfulness and tears, either with do. Yet you decide. The tears may fall from time to time, but they nurture the grace growing within. It will bloom into a beautiful existence, if only we let it.

I exhale. I exist in my dreams of fairy tale lands filled with princes and queens. I don’t care if I have to be the first to prove to you it’s true. I will pave that path for you. Step with me. Join me. Bathe in the idea that life can be mysterious and kind at the same time.

I will promise you this. If you are waiting for prince charming, place this spell for me. It starts with the grass under your bare feet. Be like a statue and refuse to move until you can feel the heart beating in your chest. If it doesn’t beat for you, you must wait a little longer. Wait until that drum can wrap around you and hold you while you cry.

And then sing your song. Like a bird exploring the new world, rain love into everything. And give to the new moon, your wishes.


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