Each morning the sun rises and pulls me from a slumber, which is odd considering the hour does not coincide with the light of day.

By the time the light reaches its peak, my mind is ready to rest, but forgiveness does not come to those who spend their days in dreamland, making promises to whispers in a mind full of disarray.

And then focus begins to pull me to the brilliance that lives inside this body, gifted to me by a beautiful consciousness for whatever reason it takes to make this world a magical place filled with laughter and compromise, acceptance and vigilance.

The sun reaches its peak and I am past my breaking point. Pictures fade and thoughts blurry into incomprehensible ideas that burst forth from lips of a fool. Laughter soon follows as I give in to the fate that greets me each day.

Evening shadows question my existence and what I bring to the world each day. Am I doing what I should? Have I spoken kindly with my enemies? Should I destroy them instead?

Nourishment is all I can stand. For my brain, my blood, my soul. Each craves and they all win, causing a rush to the finish line and a half-hearted dish to pass. Each pleading their case while the other is being served.

The darkness comes. There you are again. My mind, my thoughts, my love. Deciding to show up to the party at closing time is at worst a nightmare and at best a serenade of light. You never know what you will get, only that it will steal the hours needed to make it through the next day. But try not to give in to its temptation and you will only see the witching hour grab you next.

Finally, the day gives up. It never ends, it only falls apart to a point of no repair and the body says, enough. A half assed smile to end each…


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