When the wind blows its warmth breath on my skin, I want so desperately to join it on its journey. To travel to exotic places and kiss the tan skin of those saltwater creatures bathing in the sun.

A secret whispered between two friends brings joy to my soul when connections are so strong only the empty space between ear and mouth can break the bond. I promise I won’t tell.

I stumble past the prayers of the downtrodden as they plead to God above. Wishing their experiences could at least provide a meaning for their existence in this plane. Fearful that it won’t make a difference, yet still grasping to the hope that changes lay ahead.

Wishes carry me away to a dream filled with colorful expressions, only possible in a world filled with acceptance. One that we haven’t quite reached insofar. I scream inside for the people to hold each other tight and give praise selflessly with the knowledge that with each act, you’re own is growing. You will bloom in your time. Celebrate those whose time is now.

Yet, the fiery gossip of those whose jealousy rules destroys all the love, the nourishment, necessary for dreams to transpire. I am crushed at what would have been. Taken so quickly with the utterance of such simple sounds.

A vibration builds, the highs, the lows. They mix together in a pool of ecstasy, for each experience brings a height in pain or in joy. Return me to where I belong, the soft breeze that plays in the ocean untouched. Until the time comes again where I need to feel the tumultuous ride of the human mind.



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