It started so simply. A blessing. An invitation. A sweet song of honey and gold, beckoning the night. A calm, gentle stroke ignited the flame of passion for its purpose.

Big intentions quickly turned into painful explosions of venom. Each passing minute filled with a tightening grip that refused to lessen. The fight had begun, the bell rung. Nauseated heat flowed through the veins of the contender.

Giving in was not an option. Yet even each breath was stolen before becoming the magnificent love it was meant to be. The demons had made it past the fortress. Those who were not even invited were provided with backstage access and each moment of pain only amplified their message of hate.

Then something happened. A champion showed up and reminded the demons that they only exist with the fuel provided. The fire slowly extinguished. Deprived of all power, they withered and died. And although they might resurrect again, the battle was won. Love prevailed.




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