The flame ignites in my core. Built from insecurities and jealousies, it tears into my soul. The heat pulsing, taking any sight that would have allowed the truth. Hot tears push against angered screams hiding in the shadows so that no one dare hear the angst in the experience.


Give way to a time when all fear of destruction rings true and every ounce of sensation begs for relief. If control  would only give up to thought, the storm would not hit so heavily. I wouldn’t have to die each day. Fall into the darkness until the bottom races up to meet you. It holds you in its soft embrace and caresses your loneliness with the promise of company.

The grip begins to lessen its hold. The chains fall away, but only because the spirit is too exhausted to run from the comfort the pain provides. The numbness slowly flows through. The deafening sound of defeat welcomes sleep.

Wake up. Begin again.





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