Standing on the edge, I bare my soul.

I get lost in those eyes. Time stands still. My breath catches and shakes.

We dance along the line of friendship and love. Love….

…..It envelopes me each time I see your name. Each time I hear your voice. Each time I think of the moments we shared.

I hid behind a wall of fear, built from bricks forged out of disappointments. It pains me to see that you had to endure that already. But in the realm of kings and queens, I hope you believe the beginnings matter none when the endings are filled with love, hope, and happiness.

Tell me your fears. I will tell you mine. We will conquer them together. There is no other whom I wish to build my fortress with.

I give you my all. Freely. No matter the outcome, no matter the consequence. Know this is the hardest battle I have ever won. To love you…without armor.



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