The full moon hid behind a veil of tears tonight. Subtle cries in the distance remind us that the past isn’t so far behind. The soul begs for release from her bondages. She dreams of pink fairies who will take all of her misfortunes, misgivings, away to a land that never existed and never should have been brought forth in a fit of self-doubt. Its amazing how one spark of thought, one glance can spin a tale that holds us in its grips for years to come.

The power comes in knowing the truth. She stared up to the clouds and wished. Wished for the destruction of the imaginary world where she placed her self-worth. To travel back to a time when she twirled without a care. Back when she knew she was the ruler of her heart and all she had to do was love with every ounce of her being. Where she could kiss that young soul and give her a whisper. One that would set the events to a different dimension, a place where castles need no walls to defend the innocence inside.

But her answer came when she was reminded that love has no holds on the person it grabs. Love is meant to be free. Its meant to dance in the breeze and touch us all. Any attempt to grasp it tight, will leave its subject scrambling for air like the fish who didn’t know he was drowning.

So make a wish, and send it in the breeze, up to the moon. Comfort her as she cries for the others who haven’t discovered how to fly. Those who have built their castle walls so high, there is no hope for the love to saunter in. May the moonlight reach their windows. May it peek in the cracks of the curtains to remind them there is no need to focus on pretty things wrapped in false packages.




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