She is standing on ice, clear and calculated. The cracks flow out, creaking under her weight. She watches the spider’s web form. She looks up to the sparkling sky. Her arms out wide, she breathes in the cold air and watches it form, white and whispy, as she slowly exhales.

Half wishing to fall in, and half praying to be saved, she’s frozen. She waits. She waits on the world to give her answers. To tell her which way to go. Her heart wanders to the thoughts that make her feel alive, but she’s afraid that path is broken beyond repair.

She stands among the living, no one knows she’s about to give in. Tell her to walk. Tell her to walk away from the uncertainty that is slowly breaking beneath her feet. She can’t handle another floor falling out. Don’t you remember it happening to her not too long ago?

She lost it all. The only thing that kept her heart beating was the thought of you on the other side. She knew you couldn’t handle all the madness that was dancing around her. She couldn’t even bring herself out of that chaos. She swam through it with the help of magical seances and people filled with enough pain of their own to share a bit with her.

She took all the hateful words and formed them in to daggers. And when the daggers turned to light, she almost mistook them for good. But the light was just a trick. A prism filled with colorful, deviant ways of manipulation to get her to follow the whims of another’s ploys to be in control of everything in her world. She still doesn’t understand why she has been gifted such evil to live with in this lifetime.

All she knows is this. If you cannot stand beside her, hold her hand, fight for all she knows you have in you and she in her, then tell her to go. Tell her to walk away. She’s drowning and she hasn’t even touched the water yet.

She loves. She will never stop. Even with the war that was waged on her, she loves. But she can only give so much, before she has given it all, and there is nothing left. The ice will break in those dark lines and give. And with her last breath she will shout her love to you all, as she drowns in it. Please don’t let her drown for you.


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