The way your voice speaks my name makes me tremble. There are a hundred who’ve said the same but it rolls off your tongue like a poem whispered by lovers sharing a secret.

Sometimes you glance my way, your gaze stops at mine, and my breath catches in my throat. Take a moment to share my eyes and you’ll see that the hunger behind them is more than the thought of a passionate kiss or a rendezvous of naked bodies.

I long to hear what words you keep hidden. You pretend its so simple yet you can’t make up your mind. There’s a fight that won’t let us move forward. It steals our chances and fills them with mindless chatter from people who show up at the most inopportune times.

Yet it keeps playing. A sweet serenade, dripping with anticipation, yet lacking action. The dance goes on. Each day builds and patience might consume me, but you’ll be my favorite song.




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