if you don’t mind my desperate need for slow dancing in the candlelight for no apparent reason. I know it makes no sense to most, but it fills my soul. Yes, I’ll cry. Tears of love and tears of pain will fall and they will betray the smile on my face. I will live in this little world for a night and pretend no one exists but my Goddess and I. She’ll take away all my fears and remind me why I’m here.

Look at me differently and you’ll stop my private ceremony. I might give you the benefit of the doubt, but utter even just one word and it will all shatter. I can handle curiosity only if it’s serenaded by a willingness to step into my strangeness. Share it with me. Your eyes will tell the story. I can see it in a glance. Put your hands on my body. Feel my skin beneath your fingertips. Let me feel yours. Don’t look away. If you give me a moment, I will fall for you. I promise, wonder looks different than a question. Trust me, one question and you’ll have lost. Not me, nor my love. I can love like no other. You will have lost something more sacred. The pleasure of sharing my secrets, of becoming my space.

So if you’re brave enough, step into my space. Place kisses on my forehead. Feel the vibration of the universe flow through you. Close your eyes and melt into me. We can be this for one night. Hold on tight and give it all away until you feel like you can’t even breathe. Maybe if we’re lucky, it will last forever.



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