The light shown down amplifying the reflective property of skin shimmering after a romp of passionate lust tossed around in the night.

She knew it was with no strings, but her heart ached for a connection between the needs between her thighs and the thoughts within her mind. She wondered if a man ever questioned his actions after running his finger slowly along her stomach in order to seduce her, or if his own desires sheltered him from the pain that builds around a cold heart.

Alone in a dark room, she begins to feel as if her only worth is in the way her hair flows down over her breasts and the roundness of her tight backside pressed against denim. Is she building an empire of sex only to hate the innuendoes she stands on?

She’d been tricked by a species who’s interest was thought to live in extraordinary conversations but reality stood still when the car door shut and time passed with her prayers to get home untouched. Longtime standing relationships that revolve around quid pro quo that change drastically when one party decides to quit injecting its drug of choice, empty orgasms. How dare she decide she wants more out of life?

With a lonely journey ahead, she promised to herself that day to hold tight. A thrashing of tides is set to begin as she relentlessly agrees to begin an experiment based on the attraction of a man to a woman. Her belief stands on one man. A strong man with deep dark skin, eyes as kind as any she has ever seen. Muscles that push out of his clothes as he tries to hide them because she believes he really has no need to pull compliments from the world.

She prays that he will never begin the process that leads a friendship to its demise. Please God, don’t ever let him look at her with longing. She wants desperately to believe she can be more than a man’s fantasy.


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