Each time, each beat, each breath, I believe I am there.

Then the world spins on an axis different than mine and I watch the traveling actors fly through their lines as they step in and out of scene.

I stand still.

Breathe In.

Breathe Out.

Air fills and leaves with such purpose it’s meant to do more than keep me alive. It nourishes my soul like the sweetness born into a mind numbing drink.

I fall again. But no fall is greater than the first. The one where I finally closed my eyes and jumped, praying, yet knowing that anything was better than the life I had been zombie stepping through.

No more.

Drinks don’t touch me, don’t stir my core like a well read poem, a song with heart, a palate filled with promise, a laugh from the bottom of your belly. You can’t give that to me, and now you can’t take it either.

I stand.

Shout to the sky. I have my power, my purpose and my divine. She stands with me and she knows who I am. She sings to the heavens and breathes life into each tick of the timeless clock.



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