On the one side, drama batters into me with all the rights and wrongs of judgements thrown from lazy subscribers to the rule book of life. I have to fight that internal turmoil because in reality, it was raised into me. I’m sure others were spoon fed the same.

It’s an easy life to say, I’ll live mine while you live yours, until the differences show up in your living room. As great as it may be to say we part our ways, it’s sad when it’s love that allows for the discomfort to settle into a pattern of you win, you win, your needs are greater than mine. Especially when it’s a soul so young and bruised that it’s had no time to heal. But I must recognize that while some wish to grab their staff and begin the journey, others are content with standing still. Allowing, demanding, those around them wash their pains away, while never knowing the dirt always returns.

I pray for you, that those in your life are as strong as I to say you cannot hold me accountable for the mistakes of others. I hold back the judgements because who am I to know Goddess’s plan in manifesting you? Who am I to know what God will provide?

Forgive me, or don’t. I swim in the luxury of the ability to sit alone in my mind. But the greatest is that in all that I have endured, I realize I no longer need stand alone. I hold my staff and I look to my right, a strength holds me up. I look to my left, a soft heart hears my cries. I look behind and I am held by a force greater than any. These friends were gifts along my journey, reminding me that I am on my way. Greatest of all, I look up. I see that after every storm, there is a stronger purpose, a greater love, a bigger meaning. It holds every hope and dream, waiting for a wave to smash its hold and set it free.



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