Be in the moment. Breathe in the wind, full of life, its waves brushing anger on your flesh as it whips across your face, beating the happiness from your heart.

Every step forward brings another phase of relief and another pull towards the unknown depths that spiral into a plane of existence I have been desperately trying to run away from. Stand still and take the beating.

There must be a reason, a purpose behind this madness. A spark of inspiration brings life to the tortured soul, yet dies down slowly, bleeding dry what was never full enough to sustain any hope to begin with.

I have to believe it will all work out in the end. The end will reach its final destination, full of laughs and smiles, heartaches and pains, but mostly love. A heart full of so much love it envelopes the whole of existence and leaves no questions behind.

Blame me for your faults if you must, but let me not bare the weight any longer. Set me free. Set us both towards what we aim to become. I no longer wish to be the reason behind another failure, but only the prize at the end. Work hard for me. I am worthy of this life full of potential, awaiting my next becoming. Daring to see the light behind the moon.


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