Heart beats heavy and fast holding tight to tense conversations saved for tomorrow. Sleep can wait for restless souls whose minds search out answers breathing through the windows that howl with each gust of breeze, begging to take comfort inside a warm home.

I wonder if I will ever find safety in the embrace of a love, or rather will I find the touch a sinister joke held with the remnants of a false quest, vanishing signs waiting in the distance.

Trust is reserved for those with faith and mine is struggling for air under a surface of heavy rain, unending, save a few short reprieves that allow for breaths of hope. In the business of love, a bankruptcy feels like a hollow sense of success with the only way to move being upwards, if these feet would take one single step rather than hold firm to the ground underneath.

Faith in reasoning is arguing with an aching chest, a sour stomach, and tear stained eyes to give relief. The day will come when forward becomes reverse, reverse replays the answers. Time will stand still allowing for those promises that fell apart to brought back together with magic this universe is holding in reserve.


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