Light. It flickers off the surface like a surprise waiting underneath, slithering on the edge of the tangent as it ripples into the distance.

I can’t remember the first time I questioned it all, but I always remember the last.

It gets easier trusting in the smiles that fall from above, even if they are preceded by an intolerable pain. If only I had learned to abandon the plan before, I may have saved myself from the dew landing on my face. It doesn’t care whether or not I expected it to come.

I waiver this way and that, dancing leaves in the distance, not knowing if it is my heart or my mind leading the way, yet knowing full well it’s the intuition that should be steering the ship.

Listen. “To what?”, I yell! I either make my own choices or let the moon guide my way. Only the moon loses its light and I cannot see!

Wait. Wait. Wait.

You will know when the stars line themselves and the stage is set. The show will go on. You are only a character in the play.

Play. It is the heart that needs to give in order to feel full. Listen to its gifts. Only an empty mind can. When you are nothing, you become everything.



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