She felt the loneliness seep in her body, outstretched hand met with nothing but cold satin sheets. She was beginning to grow accustomed to the silence. It mixed in a strange twist of sorrow and comfort as conversations battled in the stale air.

Phones don’t lie when they make your heart race and build into a distraction based on pleasure. It only hides the gaps in the foundation as it crumbles underneath the weight. The weight of unspoken words and discontinued beliefs. Fairy tales fall to the wayside and real life enters stage right.

She convinced herself one touch would cause no pain. The electricity might even bring her back to life. One instant of selfish pleasure to bring the world to spinning. To allow her to wake in the morning again, when each night she prayed to be taken.

Soft knock. Entry. She led him into the room pretending to be in charge, when all she wanted to do was run. How could she have let it go this far? His skin was rough. His hand didn’t quite fit.

It was everything she expected. Kisses, scratches, thumbprints in her thighs, push, pull, arched back endings with sweet goodbyes. And then the world stopped completely. Teetered on its edge as the flames engulfed her, broke her spirit and left her with dreams of nothingness. She had become all that she had ever feared. How do you run from a monster, when it lives inside?


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