Stable heart, random hopes of surging dreams like a wave of destiny. Not understanding that the becoming of one, ends another.

Forced to feel, from a self-fulfilling prophecy of dread or doom compared to bliss and passion, knowing you cannot have one if you don’t chance the other.

Good-bye to the idea of safety that sheltered me for so long, I throw it all away gambling that the words flowing from your lips speak truth.

The pain subsides replaced by a fear that only those that have been broken could ever understand. I breathe you in. The sweetness fills my soul, making my heart melt into ecstasy. For a moment, there’s only you and I. For a moment, love is kind.

Retreat is inevitable as I can only place my faith in miracles for small doses. Yet, you return. You return. And if I can ever believe an always will fill the void, my untouchable world will shatter.


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