I can feel your breath, hands on my skin. Forgive me if the sweetness in my chest is tainted with a fear. I have never pulled in the weight of a man and allowed the time to dance into the possibility of forever. Your soft words vibrate through my soul with more pleasure than I have ever allowed myself thought to. Thoughts swim inside the feelings of comfort and beg to be lies, yet wish to be real. Lies; easier to believe as you press your body onto mine, sweat dripping, giving way to the uncontrollable push to worlds beyond my imagining. Yet, my heart yearns for the truth to be the love you profess each time you show up. Each time your fingertips sweep across my body, each time your kiss lingers on. I do all I can to give in. To let it all unravel wrapping me up in the idea that things can exist that don’t end in just another experience. I beg for forever to stand inside you.


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