Even on the dreariest of days, the sun shines down on me and blesses me with its warmth. Why do I fear the days that come with the dark clouds? Rain drips on my face and I revel in its cold, its sweet splash upon my cheeks, blinding me with its wish to close my eyes and dream. I pray for the warmth and yet I still second guess the day it comes. It’s so much easier to welcome the pain than it is the goodness that lives in this world. The next day will always come. The euphoria of love drunk stupidness will always be brought to light with the simpleness of life. Drink it up, young lovers, eat the spice that drives the dance inside of you and wait for the fall.

Fall into the abyss. Happiness replaced by ordinary days. Smile through the bleakness, laugh at the walk that you make as you step each foot forward. One, then the next. A day ends. Another begins. Run if you feel so free. I beg for you to run! Forget the ties that hold you down and make the disgrace a stamp upon your character. You do not owe anyone your faith, your trust, your body or your soul.

Seek the one that sets you free, that fills you with every bit of rage that began this great journey of finding yourself. Hold tight, wrap it up in a pretty little package and hold it to your heart as if it would kill you if you let it go.

Hate that you need it to breathe. Hate that you need it to live. It will nourish you when you can’t make the move, when you can’t run away from the ordinariness that binds you into every day existence with the rest of humanity. Pretend you have it all together.

Remember that when you began this journey, you yearned to feel the pulse through your veins, the strain upon every aching muscle in your body, to feel the air push against your skin. You wanted nothing more than to experience every inch of what this earth had to offer. And don’t forget, even the dark days shine.


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