“What are you doing here?” Becca asked as Jenny dropped her belongings on the counter.

“Holy shit,” Jenny said. “This place isn’t how I remember it. Was it always this fucking big?”

“Yes,” Becca answered. “It was. You probably don’t remember because you never came over.” Jenny was a few years older than Becca and wasn’t into the same things during the time that Becca started spending more time with Aunt Jo.

“Yeah, I guess.”

“What are you doing here tonight?” Becca repeated. “I thought you were staying home to figure things out with Bo.”

“He’ll survive,” Jenny said. She picked up the leftover bread from the counter and began pulling pieces off, shoving them into her mouth. “This is good.”

Becca stared at the whirlwind that was Jenny. “What?” Jenny asked. “Stop it,” she added. She went to the refrigerator and peered inside. “Wine,” she said. “That’s what I need.”

“What happened?” Becca asked.

“He’s so freaking jealous,” Jenny said as she pulled a bottle of red wine out of the fridge. She began opening cupboards.

Becca went to the cupboard with the glass door and the wine glasses hanging inside. She slowly opened it and handed two glasses to Jenny.

“Thanks,” Jenny said as she immediately began opening drawers looking for the corkscrew.

Again, Becca opened a drawer and pulled out the corkscrew, handing it to Jenny. “How do you already know where everything is?”

Becca shrugged. “Well, the glasses were easy,” she said as she pointed at the cupboard with the glass door.

Jenny laughed a big boisterous laugh as she uncorked the bottle and poured two glasses. She handed one to Becca and hers in the air. “To us,” she said. They clinked glasses and Jenny drank hers down. She refilled her glass and began walking around the room.

“I’m just so sick of him,” Jenny said. “Why do we have to fight every time I go out? He knew when we started dating that I had a lot of friends, male and female.”

“I don’t know,” Becca said.

“I have never cheated on him and never given him any reason to think so. He doesn’t need to be with me every second.”

“Did you hear that?” Becca said.

“He says he just worries about me. That I shouldn’t be out late because that’s when people get kidnapped and raped, but I say, that’s funny because I survived this long.”

“Stop talking,” Becca said.

“What. What is it?”

The noise got louder and louder and Becca realized it was in the greenhouse. She opened the door and a gust of wind swirled inside, picking up the planters, the glasses and cups, and all of the items that had been inside the box, before slamming them into each other and eventually dropping it all on the ground.

“What the fuck?” Jenny said.


7. Jenny discovers a few secrets


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