Sometimes my breath still catches. Mindless reality that turns in an instant to a suffocating dawn.

Memories flood the space that was once a clear and obvious agenda into a battle field, waging one more war in which I must fight.

Heart races, eyes burn. Breathe. This isn’t who you are. Warrior. Stand tall and remember who you are.

You have already withstood this battle. Lines drawn, enemies realized. The stories in your mind are fractions of reality and that reality proves truth to who they are.

One more time. Remember one more time the way they attempted to chain and crush you. The way they bottled you up into a small little package in which they could pass around to do their bidding.

Take that. Fuck you and your innocent repeals. Your words can float through my mind but the definitions are mine to make. Your good intentions mean nothing compared to their outcomes of suppression. Battle on.


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