inside of me that I wanted to let go.

Alone, I stormed the clouds of doom and made them wish me away with my madness. But with you, I am weak. I fear things that are made up in an ever evolving loop of loss that never existed.

Your absence sends me spiraling into a juxtaposition of waves unknown to my existence since before I knew what love was and what it could do. Broken and healed, I fended off the idea of ever seeing the bright, blue sky transform to its soft pink and orange in the same way again. Just another sunset to another day.

But the way the wind kisses my skin when you stand next to me has got me caught in the tides of you. Your hands upon my skin scream for one tight grasp as you show me how to caress a woman’s body. Gentle and sweet, I can feel the strength it takes as you hold back from my breaking point.

I don’t think I truly agreed to this in any coherent way. Blindsided by the deep, fullness of your voice, you spoke to my soul. You could crush me at any moment, yet I have the faintest faith that the words you whisper with your eyes, the ones that send my heart on fire, are the truth within you as they are in me.



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