dark, damp, dusty; the words you send feel like a wet basement and a cage.

they sit on my skin and crawl.

I imagine the young who see you as their saving, they hear the words as praise, acceptance, and it makes me want to vomit.

a whisper, a drug paralyzing common sense when the only connection is human frailty, your use of courtesy and promise of love is disgusting.

I’ve never hoped more that a human rot in their own demise, to pay for what they send out and the idea of God giving what is deserved is a hope when the humanness in me wishes you to seek forgiveness.

how does one get to a state of sacrifice of their own people?

how do you knowingly bring harm in order for your gain?

savior, come not to me, for I have the strength to know the difference. Go to those that toil in the decision to take the meaningless words as truth, and enlighten them to the evils of this world.

show them that words mean nothing. and everything.

teach them that when the words creep in and set their souls to screaming, that running is the best and only option.

tell them that niceties are unnecessary as long as monsters roam the earth.


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