Becca felt ice cold fingers on her arms that jolted her instantly back into the room and consciousness. “What are you doing?” Jenny asked.

Becca looked around. She wasn’t quite sure what she was doing in the kitchen. The last thing she remembered was following a voice that asked her if she would help. It was a soft and sweet voice. She remembered smelling bread or sweet rolls.

“Making breakfast?” Becca replied.

“It’s 3 am and you are sleepwalking,” Jenny said.

“Then why did you even ask?” Becca said.

“What is going on with you?”

“Ever since we started staying here, I’ve been having these weird dreams and I don’t think they are really dreams. I think there are people trying to communicate with me.”

Jenny raised her eyebrows and gave her the look. The one that says, you are crazy, but also, I’m interested.

“I read a book the other day after I had another weird dream,” Becca began walking towards the library where she had left the book on the desk. She handed it to Jenny. “It’s about a little girl. She started having weird dreams and she kept a journal. In it, she wrote about how the dreams seemed real and that it felt like she was in a different, yet the same place. I swear to god that is exactly how it feels.”

Jenny turned the book around in her hands. The cover had some wear on its edges. She opened and flipped a few pages.

“Sometimes when I am awake, I have to ask myself if it’s real,” Becca said.

“That sounds shitty,” Jenny said.

“That part does kind of suck,” Becca went on. “But I’ve been following her advice and doing things, like looking in the mirror and watching the clock.”

“Why don’t I just pinch you,” Jenny said and reached over and gave Becca a pinch on her forearm.

Becca pulled away and rubbed at the reddened area. “That doesn’t work. You can feel in dreams. It’s just not the same.” She went on ignoring the pinch, “Anyway, this girl began having these times when her dreams came to her while she was awake. At least, that’s how she described it.”

“That sounds horrible,” Jenny said. “Wouldn’t that make a person crazy?”

“I mean, yeah,” Becca said. “It did. She was hospitalized and the doctor was treating her in all kinds of ways. They used shock therapy and everything. He only realized it was a mistake in her final treatments when he recognized some of the stories she was telling. She told him about his mother. His mother that had died when he was a teenager.”

“Holy shit,” Jenny said. “That sounds awesome.”

“It was,” Becca said. “For the doctor anyway. He started using her to get information. She realized what was happening and tried to control it, tried to plead for a way out of the hospital. She wanted to be free. He always promised he was trying, but eventually she knew better. He was using her. She was miserable. In the end she hung herself.”


“I guess the person who shared her room hid her journals and published them after they got out.”

“Or, it’s all make believe words from a crazy person who wanted to make a buck,” Jenny said.

“I suppose,” Becca said thinking about what she had said and how strange it now sounded. “Regardless of that, I know the things that are happening to me here.”

Jenny seemed to be wrapped up in her own thought. She had begun scanning the pages of the book. “God, can you imagine if you could communicate with the dead?”

“What if that’s exactly what happened to Aunt Jo?” Becca spit out. She had been wondering it all along. She knew her sister wouldn’t dismiss the idea. She knew Jenny didn’t dismiss any of this, in fact, they used to lie under the stars and dream about magic together.

“What if we can do it?” Jenny asked.

“Exactly,” Becca said. As soon as the words exited her mouth, the phone rang.

“Where is that coming from?” Jenny asked.

“I don’t know,” Becca responded. They followed the sound to the desk and inside a large drawer, was a phone.

“Hello,” sang the voice from the other side. “It’s Gerard. Gerard Honeyweather. How are you doing?”

“Oh,” Becca responded, realizing who it was. “I’m good. How are you Mr. Honeyweather?”

“Please, we are old friends now, call me Gerard.”

“Okay, Gerard.”

“Have you been enjoying your stay?”

“Yes,” Becca replied. She shot Jenny a perplexed look.

“I’m glad to hear that,” Gerard stated. “Is there anything you might need?” he asked.

“I think we are all good.”

“Are you absolutely sure?” Gerard asked. “I have here in my notes that you should need some supplies by now.”

Becca did not know how to respond. She didn’t want to be rude, but she knew how to go to the store all by herself. “I’m not sure what you mean,” was how she chose to proceed.

“Well,” he said and there was a pause. “Would you mind meeting me somewhere?” he asked. “I have some things for us to go over in regards to Jo’s estate.”

“Sure,” Becca responded. The call ended. She held the phone out. “Um, okay.” She said and placed the phone back into the drawer. “That was weird.”


Becca pulled into the back parking lot of what appeared to be a rundown alley that was 2 towns over, in a village that she had barely heard of previously. She was grateful that Jenny joined her, or she might not have even stopped the car. She saw Gerard waving as she put the gear into park.

She looked over at Jenny. “You ready for this?” she asked.

“I’m not exactly sure what for, but okay,” she replied, but took a deep breathe, grabbed the door handle and added, “Let’s do it.” Becca followed suit.

They walked up to Gerard and he greeted them both with a hug. Becca was surprised at the amount of affection he had towards her, considering the usual demeanor of attorneys. After the hug, he looked her straight in the face with his Santa Claus smile and said, “So good to see you.” He then reached for Jenny to repeat the process, except when he released her from his arms, he held them tight, looked her straight in the eyes and said. “Oh no, this is not good.” Which would have been plenty of information, or maybe at least made them feel uncomfortable enough, but no, he also added. “This is terrible.” He looked over at Becca, “What have you two done?”

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