for the quiz and for videos and clues 🙂

Morgan looked over the bookshelf. “I know she has it,” she said. Becca and Jenny just watched as Morgan flitted around the room, searching the bookshelves. “Aha,” she finally said, pulling a large, brown book out. She dropped it onto the desk. “Here we are,” she finished.

Morgan looked up, hands on hips. She nodded her head. “This is what you need,” she said, looking at Becca.

“What is it?” Becca asked, curiously.

“See, there was supposed to be a rhythm to this dance,” Morgan began. “But it got all wonky. Something happened that messed it all up,” she finished. She walked around the desk and grabbed each of the girls hands making an almost circle. She closed her eyes and began whispering. Becca and Jenny looked at each other and back to Morgan as she continued. The words were too quiet to be distinguishable, but Becca could feel a certain buzz to the room. The heat rose around them and before long, she was sweating.

“Okayyy,” Jenny said extending her voice uncomfortably and pulling her hand away. “This has gotten a little weird.”

“I suppose so,” Morgan said. She looked at Jenny and then to Becca. She turned to the desk where she had sat her hand bag. Opening the big handles she rummaged inside until she pulled out two small cards. “Who even carries these anymore?” she asked lifting them up in the air and waving them around, but Becca was sure it was a rhetorical question. She handed one card to Becca and one to Jenny. The girls looked at the card. Spirals of aqua and deep blue swirled around in a glittering resembling a galaxy. Intermixed was the name Morgan Breseachey and a phone number. Nothing else was on the card.

“Please call when you are ready,” she said. Then she draped the handles of her bag over her arm and walked out of the house.


Becca went to Aunt Jo’s desk. She placed her hand on the cover of the book. It was leather, hardcover, appeared to be lumpy, and the pages extruded out in a pile of randomness. She opened it. “This is her spellbook,” she said as she began turning the pages. The words were all handwritten. Some had been added after the fact. There were stains on some of the pages and included were various plants and herbs.

Jenny looked over her shoulder. “This is wild,” she said. “Do you think they really work?”

“I mean, why else would she have this giant book?” Becca asked, but she knew the spells worked. She had been there when Aunt Jo worked with them before. She remembered her scribbling little notes in the margins. Her fingers ran the length of some of those scribbles as she was transported to a time when Aunt Jo let her assist.

“Now,” Aunt Jo said pointing to the recipe on the page. “It says to add a teaspoon of cinnamon, but last time that wasn’t enough,” she tapped Becca on the nose. “I think we will double that,” she said. She put an X over the 1 and made it a 2. She picked up the bowl of cinnamon and measured out two teaspoons, dropping them into the cauldron. Smoke billowed up and they both took a step back, Aunt Jo pushing Becca behind her.

“You okay, Becca,” she heard Jenny say and it brought her back to the present moment.

“Yeah,” she answered.

“You zoned out there for a minute,” Jenny continued.

“I guess I did.” Becca didn’t elaborate on what she had been thinking about.

Jenny began flipping through the pages. Becca was wrapped up in her thoughts. She remembered how Aunt Jo had been treated, but she also remembered how much joy she found in the time spent with her. She remembered the smile on Aunt Jo’s face. It was real and full. It was authentic, not like the ones she would see on her own mother’s face, or her father’s. The ones full of fakeness and revenge.

Jenny looked up with her and she saw the smile on her face. The one that was youthful and energetic. “Let’s do one,” she said.

Becca smiled back and nodded.


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