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The clock on the wall said 1:30am. Becca and Jenny sat on the earth floor of the green room. It had still had a look of disarray after the whirlwind that had spun things out of control the first time.

Becca had taken the time at each corner of the room to ensure their safety and was certain that she had been able to secure the space they were working in. She felt a relief rise in her after she had finished the final corner. There were three candles lit in front of them. A white, a black and the green one that the spell had called for. Jenny had the large book open to her right side and Becca was mixing the ingredients in the bowl to her front.

“Add two cloves,” Jenny said, “and you are supposed to use the pestle to mash them all together.”

Becca added the cloves and began pushing the cold ceramic together in order to make the ingredients intermix in a fine paste. “Then what?” she asked.

“Then it says to apply the paste to our faces,” Jenny said.

“That’s all?” Becca asked. “I thought there was more.”

“Nope,” Becca said. “That’s it.”

Becca and Jenny were casting a spell to bring the wealth to them. It seemed an innocent enough one to start with. Jenny’s idea was that it would be harmless and it would compliment them as they worked to find a way out of the contract. Plus, who doesn’t want more money in their lives.

Becca finished mixing and showed the bowl to Jenny, “I think this is good,” she said in almost a question.

“Looks good to me,” Jenny said.

Jenny pushed the book between them and the two girls each grabbed a gob of the mixture. They read the lines from the book as they smeared the paste onto their cheeks.


Powers that be

We summon thee

To bring us our wealth that is owed

All you can, our purse can hold

Fill our want with gold


The girls held hands and read it three times as the instructions indicated. They closed their eyes and felt the energy of the room. Then they opened their eyes and looked around.

“I don’t feel any different,” Jenny said.

“I don’t either,” Becca added.

They dropped their hands. Becca let out a huge laugh.

“What?” Jenny asked.

“You look ridiculous,” she said and continued laughing uncontrollably.

“Oh yeah?” Jenny began to chuckle. “Well, you look more ridiculous,” she added and threw a bundle of sage at her. The sage bounced off Becca’s arms as she lifted them to shield herself.

Becca stood. “Let’s finish this out and go to bed,” she said. Becca thanked each corner for their protection and released them. She moved slowly and with purpose. As she finished the final corner, she saw a flash of lightning over the lake. Then the two girls heard the rain as it began pouring down on the roof of the greenhouse. The thunder rolled in the distance. They were glad to leave the noise of the greenhouse and enter the main one.

“I’ll look these over in the morning,” Jenny said as Becca put the big, brown book on the shelf in the library and Jenny pulled the papers out of the desk drawer.

Becca nodded. No need to worry. She picked up the pile of keys that was on the desk. The girls walked out of the room and Becca pushed the library doors closed. She pushed the key into the lock and turned it. There you go, all safe and sound.


Morning drew in. Becca sat up in the bed and stretched her arms out to the sound of birds chirping in the distance. The air was heavy. She stood and went to the window taking a moment to enjoy the country view, the light reflecting off the lake, the leaves moving with the breeze.

She headed downstairs to the smell of coffee in the air. A pile of mail in front of the door, she picked it up and continued into the kitchen. Jenny sat at the table with, what only could be, the contract in front of her. “Anything?” Becca asked as she grabbed a cup and filled it to the brim, dark and strong, just the way she liked it.

“I’m sure I’ll find some way,” Jenny said. “I mean, the old lady was crazy.” She pulled off her glasses and held up her cup as Becca instinctively filled it.

Becca put the carafe back on the hot plate and took a sip of her own. Then she noticed one of the envelopes was addressed to her. A big manilla envelope. She slid her finger under the edge and ripped it open.


Dear Becca,


I’m sorry for all you must be experiencing. It seems the terms and conditions have changed according to your aunts wishes. Please see the updated contract. I will expect your signature and return within 60 days. Of course, if you wish to nullify the contract, there is no need to reply and all will go to Cora.


Yours truly,

Gerard Honeyweather


Shit, Cora. As if on cue, the cat knocked a glass off the counter, glass sprayed across the floor. “Dammit,” Becca said. Cora sat as if nothing. Jenny looked up from the table.

Becca sat the letter on top of the envelope and went for the broom. She closed the closet door holding the broom and dustpan.

“Shit, Becca,” Jenny said as she read the letter and contents of the manilla envelope. “It’s yours,” she added without looking up.

“What do you mean?” Becca said. She walked over as Jenny flipped through the contents. “This is the deed and estate paperwork,” she said. “All you have to do is sign.”

“What?” Becca said and then she took one more step, right onto a shard of glass. “Fuck,” she said as the blood began dripping from her foot. She dropped the broom and dustpan and grabbed her foot.


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