“Oh, my God,” Jenny said. “That is a great idea. With your restaurant experience and my legal, we could make this so profitable.”

Becca didn’t know where the idea came from. She had walked in after finishing watering all of the plants. A task that took an hour and kept her in quiet. Nothing but the sounds of the lake, animals, and eventually the fans when she entered the greenhouse. It was quite soothing after all she had been through recently.

She pondered on the conversation she had with Morgan and the strange happenings in the house. She didn’t know why, but she trusted Morgan. She promised herself she would still be cautious. She was already in a mess of trying to figure out which of the two closest to her had deceived her recently, and if either of them can, surely a complete stranger could easily.

But through all of the silence, the words came; Bed and Breakfast. And that’s how she would keep the house. She could satisfy everyone that way. Her sister and she could work and share the profit.

“Will you be home tonight?” Becca asked. The two girls sat on the back deck discussing the future while sipping tea in the afternoon sun.

“Yeah,” Jenny said.

“Morgan is coming to do some work on the house,” Becca said as if the woman was going to be measuring the carpets, but knowing that it would be more in the unseen realm. “I need you to be here because I have to work.”

“Sure. What’s she doing?”

“I think some sort of cleanse.”

An outside person might think this sort of conversation odd, but the two girls read each other so well and both believed in all kinds of crazy possibilities even if they also held a dose of skepticism.

“Should I bring my broom to the party?” Jenny joked.

“Sure,” Becca said. “I’m sure Morgan would appreciate it.”


The text to Morgan was well received and both she and Jenny must have hit it off because the two were still chatting away when Becca returned.

“Now come here,” Morgan said. “And let me have a feel of you.”

Becca looked around the room before walking forward and slowly stopping in front of Morgan. Jenny laughed. Morgan lifted her hands and held them around Becca’s head without actually touching her.

“This one will be easy,” Morgan said. “Come with me.”

Becca followed Morgan to the greenhouse and watched as she gathered bits of the plants. She whispered the whole while. Jenny held her cup of tea and watched.

“She’s kind of cool,” Jenny said.

“I thought so too,” Becca agreed.

“Come this way,” Morgan said. The two girls followed her out onto the back deck. “Could you get some water from the lake?” she asked, handing a small jar to Becca.

Becca took the jar and began her walk to the lake. The moon was bright in the sky. The cool grass under her feet was a stark contrast to the warm air and the combination caused the fog to thicken the area.

Morgan finished setting up the space as Becca handed her the jar. “Good, good,” Morgan said. “We are all set. Do you mind if Jenny joins us?”

Becca hadn’t thought anything other than Jenny being a part of it. “Of, course,” she replied.

“Jenny, I’ll have you sit here.” Morgan motioned to a place on the deck that she had situated a pillow. Jenny went over to it and sat down.

Morgan motioned Becca to another place and then sat down herself. Then she held her arms out to each of them. Becca could feel vibrations flow through the hand that was placed within Morgan’s and she pulled it back instinctively.

Again, Jenny laughed. “It’s weird, isn’t it?” she whispered.

Morgan smiled and continued. Becca grasped her hand again and Morgan began saying a chant. However, Becca couldn’t understand it. She felt the heat build up and anxiety began to build inside of her.

Morgan looked up. “I assure you that what you are feeling is quite normal and natural,” she said. “Please, be patient.”

The anxiety was becoming almost unbearable and in an instant, it was gone. Becca took a deep breath and realized she hadn’t truly been breathing the whole time. Jenny joined her. Morgan finished up with a few more words and then spoke to them, “You can release,” she said.

The girls dropped their hands and looked around at each other. Becca hadn’t felt that good in ages, she thought. She had so much energy and everything seemed to make sense.

“Pretty cool, huh?” Morgan asked. Becca nodded. “Jo taught me so many wonderful things to help people. It’s pretty great that I get to help you.”

“What did you do?” Becca asked.

“You and your sis had some negative energy attached to you,” Morgan said. She began picking up the items in the area, whispering to them as she moved along. “I’m guessing from that first spell,” she added. “I just asked for the powers that be to release it.”

“That’s what we figure, anyway,” Jenny said, speaking of their first spell. “We royally screwed that one up and our little attempt to fix it, did nothing.” Jenny reached out to collect items from Morgan to help her carry and Becca did the same.

“Huh,” Becca said.


“I feel like we’ve known you forever,” Becca said as she and Jenny said goodbye to Morgan.

“We’ve always been connected in one way or another,” Morgan said. “And I know Gerard is strange, God, he doesn’t know how to communicate, but,” she held her finger in the air to punctuate the “but”, “he cares about you two just as much as I do.”

The girls shot her a strange look.

“Okay, okay,” Morgan said. “That was weird too. I hear it now after I said it. Wine does that to people,” she added. Her car pulled into the drive and she left for the evening; which would have gone on without incident, if she had had Becca there right from the beginning of the evening.



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