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Becca turned around and watched as Andrew stepped out of the car, carrying a manilla envelope. “What are you doing here?” she asked quietly as he walked by her through the doorway.

“Here’s the papers you asked for,” he said to Jenny, handing them over.

“Yay!” Jenny clapped and took the envelope from him. He stepped back as she opened them, pulling out a pile that was clipped together. A loose paper fell to the floor. Becca picked it up.


Dear Mrs. Ferris,


You will find the attached is a record of Josephine Peakhaus’s belongings.

Yours truly,

Gerard Honeyweather


“What is this?” Becca asked.

Morgan had wandered into the house and was watching as Bo and a few men were working away clearing the burned objects and wood out of the house.

Jenny’s face began not only serious, but almost angry. “That jerk tried to pull one over on us,” she pointed to the paper that Becca held. “Did you know Aunt Jo owned like the majority of this town? He tried to hide that shit from us.”

Morgan returned to the girls. “I need you to stop the men from their work,” she said to Jenny.

Jenny gave her a perplexed look.

“We have work we need to do first,” Morgan spoke quietly. “I believe there is a portal that has been opened.”

Andrew, who had been looking around the house and the bustle of the men working, headed for the door. Becca shot him a look. “I left you a message,” was all he said as he passed by her.

She closed her eyes and placed her hand on her head, still holding the letter from Gerard. Everything felt like a mess and all she wanted to do was scream. So she did, sort of. “Wait, wait, wait,” her voice rose with each word. “Stop!” she finally said. Everyone looked at her.

“You guys,” she pointed to the men who were working with Bo. “Out,” she said.

“What are you doing?” Jenny asked. “They only get so much time between jobs to work here.”

Becca flailed like a child and grabbed the manilla envelope from Jenny’s hands, “I don’t care,” she added. “I never asked you to do this in the first place.”

“I’m just trying to help.” Jenny’s voice dropped and almost sounded hurt.

“I know,” Becca said. “I know.”

The men slowly made their way passed the door and the dust from the drive stirred up, blowing across the front yard. Becca walked out, papers in hand, she sat on the porch swing. The one place that seemed to make sense to her.

Morgan sat in the chair by the swing and Jenny stood against the railing as Becca looked over the papers.

“You’re suing him,” Becca said.

“Yes,” Jenny responded, “he lied to us.”

“People lie,” Becca said under her breath. It was as if she was making an observation for the first time.

She leaned back against the swing and dropped the papers into her lap, “and you are filing for a PPO,” she looked to the roof of the porch.

“Dad insisted,” Jenny said.

Becca noticed the grains in the wood. It had been stained with a light brown and she could see every line. She begged those lines to give her direction. “Why would dad know anything about any of this?” she asked knowing the response she was about to get.

“Listen,” Jenny said. “I haven’t told him anything. I’ve just been doing the work for you. Andrew was in charge of drafting all of the paperwork.”

“So,” Becca began, the anger building in her, yet she was uncertain as to where the anger should be directed. “Are you saying Andrew filled him in on everything in my life again?”

“No,” Jenny said. “But he isn’t the most careful in the office. His desk is a mess. Dad probably saw it all. All I know is dad said to file a PPO for you so I got it around.”

“Or you had Andrew get it around,” Becca said. She stood from the swing and began walking out into the yard. Not even knowing where she was going. Jenny followed.

“It’s not like I have a ton of time on my hands,” Jenny said. “I have a million cases I need to work on and I’m trying to help you with all of this too.”

“I never asked for you help!” Becca screamed, papers still in hand, she felt the pressure build even stronger. She couldn’t take any more, she threw the papers into the wind.

Morgan stood on the porch watching it all. When she saw Becca throw everything, she went out and began gathering the papers. Darting through the yard, the papers eventually landed in the large bushes in the fence row.

Jenny and Morgan watched as Becca continued towards the road. “Let her have some time,” Morgan said.

Jenny turned to Morgan and shook her head. “She is acting like a child. And what the fuck? Andrew is a shit show, what the hell does she see in him?”

Morgan shrugged. “Why don’t we begin getting the supplies and spell around to close that portal.”

Jenny looked to Morgan, “Do you really think that’s a good idea?” she lifted her eyebrows, wrinkling up her forehead. Morgan was a little too in notice of this gesture and reached up to touch her. “What are you doing?” Jenny jumped back.

“I’m sorry,” Morgan said. “And you are right. We should wait and let Becca have some control over her matters. I like where you are going with this. Maybe it is time for you to sit down with her and go over her legal matters as well. Let her make some decisions.”

Meanwhile, Becca had made it approximately two miles down the road. As she walked away, she felt the rage build even stronger. Tears fell down her cheeks which only angered her more. She ran. She ran until she couldn’t breath and then she ran even more. She didn’t want to stop. She wanted to run until everything behind her disappeared.


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