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Gerard waited while Becca processed what he said. Her face a look of confusion and hope mixed with fear and apprehension. How one could put so many emotions on a blank canvass, he didn’t know.

“Are you saying you can still communicate with her?” Becca asked. The hope evident in the glossiness that formed in her eyes.

Gerard nodded his head.

Becca looked off into space and thought about all the things she wanted to talk with Aunt Jo about since this adventure started. She wanted to first say she was sorry. Sorry she never kept in contact. She knew that when she was a child it was out of her control, but at some point, she became an adult, and she still didn’t reach out to her in anyway. She could have learned so much from her.

“She knows,” Gerard said. Becca snapped back to reality. Or to this new reality of hers where her aunt could still exist.

“Is she here now?” Becca asked.

Gerard nodded again.

“How do you hear her?” Becca begged to know. “I can’t tell at all that she is here.” She looked around the room for any evidence that Aunt Jo was present.

“I can teach you,” Gerard said, “You have all the means within you to learn how.”

“I want to know,” Becca said and in that instant she felt a cold chill flow through her body.

“I have something for you,” Gerard said and he reached down into his bag. Any apprehension Becca had before was gone and she trusted him as he pulled out a box. It was similar to the first one he had handed her at the beginning of this adventure, more slender, but with a leather handle.

He passed it across the table and she grabbed it up with both hands. Releasing the clasp and lifting the lid produced a beautiful mahogany wand.

“This was hers?”

“Yes,” Gerard said, “And she wants you to have it.”


Becca walked back to her car, carrying the box. At first she was excited that she could use Aunt Jo’s wand for her spells but as soon as she sat, she felt dread. What if it’s all a trick?

Her phone rang and revealed her sister’s name. She ignored the call and a text immediately followed. “Going to mom and dad’s for dinner. 5pm. Be prepared to explain why you didn’t sign up for fall semester. Dad is pissed.”

Fuck. Her whole body fell into the seat and she hoped it would swallow her.

Becca had promised her dad to get back into school and at least finish her bachelor’s degree. It wasn’t exactly what she wanted to do, but just like her sister, he had promised to help her with the loans once she graduated and got a job. Of course, she had a job, but not one good enough for her John’s liking.

She was stuck. She wanted her loans paid for. She wished he had just paid for college from the beginning. Then she had this property that she was going to sell, so she celebrated never having to answer to her dad again. Of course, then she realized she had so much more value to holding the property and using it. Now she was back to answering to John.

“Then you can pay your own bills like a big adult,” he had threatened, which was all big and bad, but he would still throw a fit and rant about being irresponsible even if she did just put the extra effort in and pay the damn thing herself.

She pulled into the grocery store that was only a few blocks away. She still had to drive to her little apartment in the city, but needed to grab a bottle of wine. One that her dad would like so the guy would chill.

As she looked up at the little store, she remembered that her aunt had owned it. She looked down at the wand and thought of the conversation that she didn’t have with Gerard. She lost all trust again and wondered if he was going to try to keep it all for himself. She lifted her phone to call him, but was interrupted by an incoming call. Andrew.

“How’s your day?” he asked when Becca said, “Hello.”

“It’s been…interesting,” she didn’t really want to explain.

“Oh yeah,” he started, “I’m guessing family stuff.”

“You got it,” she said. “But not my dad or sister. My Aunt Jo.”

“The one you got the house from?”

“Yeah,” she said and then she proceeded to vent all of the anger and frustration she was experiencing in her quest to learn who the people in her life are that can be trusted.

“Trust me,” Andrew said. “I am not about to get involved with any of your family issues so you can definitely count me out of that crowd.”

“I feel like that’s true,” Becca admitted. I did just tell you everything.

“I’m here for you, you know,” Andrew added.

“Thanks,” Becca said. “That means a lot.” And then she remembered that it was actually Andrew that called her. “I’m so sorry. I have done nothing but talk about me. What do you need?”

“To hear your voice,” he said.

Becca couldn’t help but smile.

“And to see what you were doing tonight?” he added.

“I have dinner with the family.”

“Oh, he said, “Good luck with that.”


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