She didn’t remember having slept, so she forced herself into her bed, wet hair against a cold pillow. The sounds of the room, the traffic outside, were all soothing, but the feeling in her stomach was not one she could ignore. She turned the tv on, to make more noise and drown out her emotions.

She tossed and turned and went back and forth between the thoughts in her head, the feelings in her chest, and the noises that came from the screen. None of them matched. Her body felt the tiredness, but her mind wouldn’t quit. She was grateful when the time came to get ready for work again.

She sent a quick text off to her mom to make sure Jenny was doing okay. She did want to discuss the events of the night before with Jenny, but she also didn’t know how to feel about her now. She loved her, but was beginning to wonder if she even liked her. There were so many sides to her she hadn’t seen before recent events.

Cece replied that all was well. Jenny had insisted she get some of her case files to work on and John had brought them that morning. That explains how Andrew was able to sneak out for a few minutes. She understood but disliked the fact that Andrew kept their relationship a secret.


Work was quick and easy and even though she was exhausted, she drove herself to the hospital.

“I know I’m not staying another day,” Jenny said.

“Did you tell the doctors about what you did?”

“Hell, no,” Jenny said. “Are you crazy?”

“Won’t they find out anyway?”

“No,” Jenny answered. “They don’t just give drug tests unless there is a reason to suspect. And I am not giving them that reason. Dad would kill me.”

It was odd that she still talked about their dad like they were teenagers. But Becca supposed it was because she still spent a majority of her day with him, and he did still treat her like somewhat of a child.

“Have you been back to the house?” Jenny asked.

“Not in awhile,” Becca said. “I haven’t had much time between running here and work.”

“Morgan texted me earlier to see how I was,” Jenny said.

Becca couldn’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy. “Oh,” she said. “How is she doing?”

“She said she is preparing a spell to help us both,” Jenny said.

“DId you tell her what happened here?”

“I did.”

They went silent as they both remembered that night. Finally, Becca spoke up, “Did she say what it was?”

“Not exactly,” Jenny said. “But it didn’t sound good.”

Again, Becca felt a bit of jealousy and uncertainty about Morgan. If she thought it was that bad, why wouldn’t she have contacted her?


She thought about sending a text, she even wrote one out, but then she deleted it as she sat down on her bed. She dropped her phone on the pillow next to her and pushed the charger cord under her pillow. The heavy blanket felt so good as she pulled it up to her chin and curled her body into the softness.

The phone woke her. “Everything is ready. I need to see you immediately,” Morgan’s exotic voice came as matter of fact.

Becca sat up. “It’s 3 am,” is all she said.

“I know it is,” Morgan said. “And you sound upset.”

“Why didn’t you call before now?” Becca asked but instantly regretted it as she heard the sound of a jealous girlfriend in her words. “That’s not what I meant,” she tried to redeem herself.

“That is exactly what you meant and I am very sorry I did not contact you sooner,” Morgan said. “Now,” she didn’t miss a beat. “When can you come over?”

“Come where?” Becca asked.

“Good question,” Morgan said. “Probably best if we did everything at your aunt’s house. Or your house I guess is what I should say.”

“Okay,” Becca said. “It’s still a mess. Bo has been in there working but it’s far from done.”

“That is okay,” Morgan said. “And I would rather you did not tell Jenny.”

“Wait, what?” Becca said. “She is a part of this too.” For as much as she was upset, Jenny needed help too.

“I understand,” Morgan said. “You will have to let me help Jenny on my own.”

Her first reaction was to say no, but she paused. She had spent a lot of her time fixing Jenny’s mistakes or picking up the slack whenever Jenny got a great idea, but it was exhausting. “Okay,” she said. In that moment she felt the greatest sense of relief she had ever felt. “When should I go to the house?”


Becca had no idea why she simply said, “Okay,” and then threw some clothes on before getting in her car to meet Morgan in the middle of the night.


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